We're always thinking up new themes so keep checking on us or ask us what we've got up our sleeves! Want a particular colour scheme or theme?

We can do it. Just let us know your ideas.

Cosy Christmas sleepover

Cosy Christmas

Seriously getting in the festive spirit with this beautiful, rustic and cosy theme.

Superhero sleepover





Choose our superhero theme to help save the world!

Monochrome Tribal sleepover

Black and white tribal vibes for this look

Llama Fiesta

Llama Fiesta

Filled with colour and fun, this theme is perfect to bring the fiesta to any event!

Star Wars sleepover

In a Galaxy Far,

Far Away...

Star Wars-inspired sleepover in black, white and silver with super-galactic accents!


Arabian Nights

Aladdin vibes and beautiful jewel tones - this is one of our new faves! Filled with arabian-styled details and rich, luxurious comfort!

Let it Glow - NEON

Let's Glow Crazy

This amazing theme is filled with neon accessories and geometric styling. We can adjust the colours to suit.

White & Gold sleepover

White + Gold

Styled with white muslin, flashes of gold and natural dried flowers, this theme is luxe with a boho edge.

Boho Princess

Boho Princess

Similar to our Tribal Princess theme but this one uses a more neutral palette and a bit less pink.


Glam Safari

Super-stylish colour palette with plants, animal print and a little bit of bling. Can be recreated for indoor sleepovers too.

Base Camp indoor

Base Camp

Listen up recruits! You are camouflaged in your base camp, behind enemy lines.

Winter Wonderland sleepover

Winter Wonderland

White and sparkly textures with snowflakes and all-round winter gorgeousness!

Pink Floral sleepover_edited.jpg

Pink Floral

Super-pretty and girly. This theme is perfect for any age sleepy squad!

Harry Potter sleepover

Harry Potter

Enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter. A must for all you Hogwarts fans out there!

Film Noir

Film Noir

A dark and moody version of our Vintage Movies theme.

Football Fever sleepover

Football Fever

Score! Perfect for those footie mad kids who can't get enough of the beautiful game!




Prehistoric jungle leaves,

Stone Age tones and cuddly dinosaurs - perfect for dino lovers.


Tribal Princess

Our beautiful boho look with lots of ethnic texture with a hint of blush, coral and gold.

Woodland Adventure camp

Woodland Adventure

After a day of exploring the woods and woodland party games, what better place to finish off the day?

Celestial Sparkle

Celestial Sparkle

A gorgeous combination of navy blue and gold with stars and moons - perfect for a dreamy sleepover party!

Pawsome Party sleepover for 6

Pawsome Party

Come! Sit! Stay!

Super-cute, puppy-themed perfection!

Halloween sleepover


Have spooktacular night this Halloween with out sleepovers and picnics!

Circus setup9.jpg

Vintage Circus

Roll up! Roll up! Have the time of your life at this greatest show!

Pink + Gold

Pink + Gold

Our favourite combination of pink and gold, this pretty theme can be accessorised for younger or more grown up girls.

Movie Night sleepover


Movie Night

Lights! Camera! Action! 

Movie night with a bit of glamour!

Pony Express

Pony Express


Perfect for any pony lovers out there! 


Enchanted Woodland

This magical fairyland has woodland creatures, flowers and toadstools to make this a sleepover to remember!

Sweet Dreams sleepover with balloons

Sweet Dreams

Pastel shades with dreamy clouds and a little bit of sparkle! Perfect to create the perfect snuggly sleepover.

Lumberjack sleepover


Bring the woods indoors with this forest scene - complete with campfire!



A magical, Frozen-inspired wonderland filled with sparkle and snowflakes!

Mermaids sleepover


With all the beauty of mermaids and the ocean, this theme is filled with gorgeous trinkets and sealife accessories.

LGW setup1.jpg

Go Wild!

Perfect for your animal lovers! Safari tents with jungle accessories and animals make this fun and fabulous sleepover


Got your own ideas?

Contact us with your vision and we can make it a reality!